What is 2 Wise Monkeys?

  • What?

    2 Wise Monkeys is a series of Access and Inclusion workshops for businesses in the South West of Western Australia. The workshops are the brainchild of 30 Foot Drop founder, disability advocate and quadriplegic Ben Aldridge. These workshops aim to create a society that allows all people, regardless of ability, to reach their potential.

  • How?

    The 2 Wise Monkey Workshops has two different options depending on your role in business/organisation Frontline and Executive. Like all of 30 Foot Drop's workshops these are fun, engaging and give a fresh perspective on enhancing business efficiency, reputation and community participation through incorporating simple (but often unheard of) access strategies within your business or organisation. For more information on each workshop option keep scrolling!

  • Who?

    The workshops are run by two presenters, one who has such an obvious impairment it slaps you in the face and the other whose impairments are more or less invisible to the naked eye. We like to use a mixture of humour, real life examples and statistical research from the literature to create a workshop that really engages your businesses employees and managers, allowing attendees to walk out with a fresh perspective and a positive outlook on including those with disability within the workplace as customers and employees!

  • Online Primer

    Homework? Before a workshop? Why? As you will discover there is a lot more to disability and impairment then is normally discussed in the community. What we have done is put subjects such as definitions, legislation, facts and figures that do not have a practical, face to face requirement into a short online course. By doing this it enables your presenters to spend less time talking at you and more time interacting with you through the experiential activities.

  • Frontline Workshop

    This two hour workshop is aimed at staff, volunteers or individuals who have day to day contact with disabled, elderly or otherwise impaired members of the public. Your learning starts before the workshop with the 2 Wise Monkeys Workshop Primer covered earlier and then the workshop will cover two essential skills in detail: Communication and Universal Access in Practice.

  • Executive Workshop

    This full day workshop is aimed at business decision makers and/or management. Like the Frontline Workshop, this workshop starts with the Online Primer but that is where the similarity ends. This workshop covers the information that decision makers need to know when contemplating to invest in Access and Inclusion. Subjects include the types of grants and subsidies available, how to tap into the opportunities represented by people with disability and why employing people with disability is good for your bottom line.


Thanks to the Department of Communities ILC funding program all of the 2 Wise Monkeys Access & Inclusion Workshops and Primer are free to access.

How to take part

Here is how to attend one of our workshops

  • Find out if there is a workshop coming up near you, go to https://30footdrop.eventbrite.com or follow 30 Foot Drop on Facebook and checking out events.

  • Book a seat at the workshop of your choice

  • Sign up for the Online Workshop Primer by clicking on any of the 'Get Started' buttons on this page and complete before attending.

  • Three days before attending you will recieve an email with instructions to access the pre-workshop survey. Please complete this before attending.

  • Attend and enjoy!


Reactions to our workshops

  • Given me new insights

    'Thanks Ben and Nick for a comprehensive and thought provoking workshop. Lots of insights gain and actionable items for my workplace.'

  • Amazing

    'These workshops should be compulsory for everyone, imagine how much better the world would be!'


  • What towns will you be running workshops out of and on what dates?

    We will be running workshops at the following towns: Bunbury, Busselton, Collie, Margaret River, Augusta, Harvey, Manjimup, Pemberton, Bridgetown and Nannup. For dates and specific locations check out the 30 Foot Drop Eventbrite page: https://30footdrop.eventbrite.com

  • How much does it cost to attend?

    Nothing! 30 Foot Drop was awarded a grant from the Department of Communities which covers the of your attendance. Since the Department of Communities is a government department and funded by our tax in a way you have already paid for it, all you need to do is turn up!

  • I don't have time to complete the online primer, can I still attend?

    Yes, although we recommend you do complete it, the workshop primer covers information that will be put into practice on the day and you may get a little lost.

  • I have dietary requirements, how do I let you know?

    If you have specific dietary requirements please let us know on the Pre-Workshop Survey and we will make sure you are accommodated.

  • Are the venues accessible?

    We always try and book accessible venues but sometimes mistakes do happen, if you are concerned with a venue we have booked then please let us know.

  • Do we get any recognition for completing the workshop?

    After attending one of the workshops you will be emailed a snazzy certificate for your records.

  • Can you run a workshop at my workplace?

    As part of the Department of Communities we have a limited number of Frontline Workshops that we can take to a workplace. Please contact Ben Aldridge (ben@30footdrop.com.au) to discuss.

  • Why is there only 2 Wise Monkeys, isn't there supposed to be three?

    Nice pick up, this is intentional and to find out the answer you will have to attend!

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